How do I upload my files?

All hosting packages allow Web Art Design using FTP, File Manager, MS FrontPage ™ and other web development programs that can upload. The easiest way to upload your files without using ftp program is through your cPanel - File Manager, in the directory public_html.


The files should be uploaded into the directory "public_html" and our homepage be named index (index.html, index.htm, index.php etc ...)


Alternatively you can use an FTP. We recommend Filezilla which is open source and can be downloaded from: - Client Download. You should note the settings as detailed below
Filezilla - Important legislation


One of the known problems posed by multi threadded ftp clients is to block the IP of the user due to multiple connections. To avoid the above necessarily have to configure Filezilla as follows:


Edit - Settings - Transport
1. Maximum number of simultaneous transport: 1
2. Limit of simultaneous downloads: 1
3. Limit concurrent missions: 1

Edit - Settings - Transfers
1. Maximum simultaneous transfers: 1
2. Limit of concurrent downloads: 1
3. Limit of concurrent uploads: 1

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