How to add a new domain in cPanel

Your hosting plan should be eligible for adding of domain names. If it is eligible, you should then proceed as follows:
1. Change the name server for the domain name you wish to add
If you have not registered your domain name with us, then you will change the name servers via your resistrar's panel. Otherwise, you will change them through our own panel. Log in to your Web ArtDesign account, click on domain name and select "Name Server". There, you have to add the name servers that were sent to you via email right after you purchased your hosting plan.
2. Log in to cPanel, using the access codes you received from us and then go to Domains > Addon Domains
3. Fill in the required fileds. The fields for Subdomain/Ftp Username και Document Root will be autocompleted
4. Click on "Add domain"
You can now upload data for your new domain name to document root.

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