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1. Check that the following settings are correct:
- You have not entered your username and password in uppercase letters
- You have already created an account via your cPanel
- You have entered your complete email address in the username field
(e.g. and not just info)
- You have checked the "Server requires authentication" box

2. Are all of the above settings correct but your email is still not working?
Change your incoming and outgoing mail servers and instead of
enter your IP address, which you will find in the welcome email you have received.

3. Do you receive emails but cannot send?
This is happening because your ISP blocks the use of other outgoing mail servers and
allows only the use of its own server, in order to limit the number of spam emails by using
their connection. In this case, you should use your ISP's SMTP (outgoing mail server).

4. Do you send emails but cannot receive?
Your hosting account's disk space has exceeded its limits or your maximum allowed space
of your email account has exceeded its limits. Delete the files you don't need anymore, in
order to free up space.

5. Have you received a message titled "Please enter your username and password for the following server"?
You have exceeded the allowed limit regarding the maximum allowed time for checking of emails. Readjust
the frequency of checking of emails in the email program you use (e.g. check every 10 minutes, which is
the minimum suggested time limit)

6. Have you received a message titled"The server responded: 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA"?
If your mail client shows the above-mentioned error message, you have not checked the "My server requires
authentication" option. Check this box and the problem will be resolved.

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