Why does not work my email?

1. Make sure that all settings are correct
Make sure that the user name and password are not capitalized
Make sure that you have already created your account on cpanel
Make sure the user name field put your entire email
(eg info@domain.gr rather neat info)
Make sure that the "Server requires authentication" is checked

2. All the above correctly but still does not work;
Change the incoming and outgoing mail servers from mail.yourdomain.com to
Your IP address (referred to in welcome email).

3. You receive but can not send;
This means that your ISP blocks the use of other outgoing mail servers and
allows only use of its own. The reason is to reduce the spam
using their connection. In this case you should
use the SMTP (outgoing mail server) of your ISP.

4. You send but can not receive;
Your space in your hosting account has exceeded the maximum limits or
maximum allowable space email account has exceeded its limits. Clean
the files you no longer need.

5. You receive a message "please enter your username and password for the following server"?
You have exceeded the permissible limit / h with respect to the maximum
number / time checking the email. Lower frequency of
settings of the program you are using (eg check every 10 minutes - not recommended less).

6. You receive a message "The server responded: 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA"?
If the mail client gives the above error message, then you have not checked the
select "my server requires authentication". Change the setting and the problem will be solved.

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