What does it mean when my domain is in quarantine?

A domain name goes into "quarantine" on the day following the expiry date and for a certain time, depending on the outcome. Specifically for the most popular suffixes duration is:


- For .GR domains 15 days

- For .EU domain 40 days

- For .COM domains 40 days.


"Quarantine" means that the domain is temporarily disabled and within this period may be renewed by the rightful owner. If you pass the quarantine period and the domain name is not renewed, then released and is available to ensure than anyone. (The .COM domains are not always immediately released, but placed in a second condition called entry commissions. Whether you get a .COM domain in this situation depends on the popularity, etc.)


It is advised to refresh before quarantined. So you will be assured that it will not occur extra costs for renewal.

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