I host my website on another provider. Can I come to Web-ArtDesign without any downtime? Print

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In order your website continues to operate during the transfer process, you should proceed as follows:

1) First, you should not deactivate your account with your previous hosting provider and until your website tranfer to Web-Art Design is completed.
2) Download from your previous server all of your website files and upload them via FTP to your new account with Web-Art Design. You should also transfer any databases you may use. In the account activation email you will receive, you will find all the information you need on how to connect via FTP and access Cpanel in order to create databases.
3) Upon tranfering your files and databases, you can use your temporary URL in order to check if your website operates normally.
4) Use CPanel to create the email accounts you need
5) Update your domain nameservers, replacing them with the ones you received in the account activation email. You will have to update the nameservers via the control panel of your domain registrator.

Upon updating the nameservers, your website will be hosted by us within 4 to 48 hours. Until this process is completed, your website will be hosted by your previous server.

After the 48-hour period is complete, you can deactivate your account with your previous hosting provider. For any problem you may have during your website transfer, please contact our support team. Our Tecnhical Department undertakes for free your website tranfer.

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