How do I switch from another hosting company without falling my site?

The steps to follow are:

1) First of all do not cancel your account to another hosting company to complete the transfer to Web Art Design.
2) Download all the files of your site from your old server and upload them with FTP to your new account at Web Art Design. In this step you must transfer and databases that can be used. In the email account activation are all data and instructions to connect to FTP and have access to CPanel where you can create databases.
3) Now that you have transferred the files and databases you can check the temporary URL that you provide if the site is working properly.
4) Get into CPanel to create email accounts you use.
5) Change the name servers of your domain and put them we have sent the activation email account hosting. They will change nameservers through the Control Panel of the company where you registered your domain name.

After you have changed the nameserver will take 4-48 hours to begin to open your site from its servers Web Art Design. During this time, the site will continue to open normally from the old server.
When you spend the 48 hours you can cancel your subscription to the old provider hosting.

Remember that for whatever problem you encounter during the transfer of the site, you can contact our Support Web Art Design. Finally, to inform you that the staff of Web Art Design can take the Free transfer process of your site.

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